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Stimulus check: Areas giving payments

Millions of Americans have benefitted from stimulus checks since the start of the pandemic, but many are still looking for help.

stimulus checks stamped with red stamp that says "stimulus"

2020 had two checks. 2021 had one check.

As of right now, a fourth check from Congress in 2022 does not look likely.

While it seems like it isn’t happening on a federal level, there are still local city and state governments offering stimulus cash to qualifying individuals.

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Here are 16 places still giving out stimulus funds to qualifying residents

This information was first reported by Marca.


Alaska offers the Permanent Fund, which gives its residents a cut pf the state oil revenues each year. Residents cannot be a criminal and need to have resided in Alaska for one year.

Birmingham, Alabama

Some single mothers will see rent payments for one year.

Chicago, Illinois

Some families making under $35,000 per year will see payments worth $500 per month.

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Columbia, South Carolina

In this city, 100 low income fathers will see $500 per month for one year.

Durham, North Carolina

115 previously incarcerated individuals will see $500 per month for one year.


$850 per month is being given to 650 Black women for two years, and a second program is giving $500 per month to 300 residents below 200% of the federal poverty line.

Jackson, Mississippi

A nonprofit organization is giving Black mothers $1,000 per month for one year.

Los Angeles, California

BIG:LEAP program will give 3,200 families $1,000 per month for one year.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

200 families will be chosen to get $500 per month for two years this spring.

Newark, New Jersey

Newark is offering a guaranteed income program in two ways. First, half the chosen people will see $250 every two weeks. The other half will be given a single annual payment of $3,000.

New Orleans, Louisiana

In this city young adults and teenagers who qualify will see ten monthly payments of $350 to learn how to manage money using bank accounts.

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New York

The Creatives Rebuild New York Program will give 2,700 artists financial assistance.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In this city, 200 low income families will see $500 per month.

Rochester, New York

175 families will see $500 per month for one year, and the next year 175 different families will see the same help.

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