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Google accused of tracking users data

U.S. suits are accusing Google of tracking users data without permission.

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Everyone uses Google on a daily basis to search random things.

But are they tracking our data?

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How to keep your data safe on personal devices

Is Google tracking users data?

Google was accused by a group of U.S. justice officials of tracking and financial benefiting off of users location data.

Meanwhile, consumers think they are able to protect their privacy while using Google.

Using the data of billions of users.

Google is able to build detailed profiles and sell targeted advertising.

User location is a key piece of information for this to work.

“Google falsely led consumers to believe that changing their account and device settings would allow customers to protect their privacy”.

According to Google the claims are false and are based on outdated assertions about its settings.

Supposedly users can turn off their “Location History” and then where they go is no longer being stored.

The attorney general in the nations capital Washington says “That is false. Even when Location History is off, Google continues to collect and store users locations.”

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How this affects users

Small amounts of location data collected over time can expose a persons routines and identity.

Exposure can lead to sensitive details shown. This includes religious beliefs, political beliefs.

It even includes big events like divorces or births.

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