How to keep your data safe on personal devices

Were always looking for a way to improve our privacy when it comes to personal data.

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Up to $4.1 billion has been lost due to internet crime this last year.

Here are some ways to keep your data safe.

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Here are 5 ways you can help keep your devices safe and secure in the world of technology

Always backup your data

Its best to be proactive if you want to keep your data safe in a time of technology.

An easy way to do so is to regularly back up important information.

This can be made easier by using one of the many free scheduled backup programs we have at hand.

You can also do it manually.

By selecting which files to backup copy them to a USB thumb drive,

external hard driver or upload them to a cloud account.

Practice good cybersecurity and update software

When companies find a problem with their security they release a software update.

Its best to set up automatic updates on all your tech devices.

Including your web browser, apps and operating system.

Don’t be fooled

Keep an eye out for scams.

They can come in forms of emails or texts.

This are using looking for your financial info with can be used to steel your identity.

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When it comes to passwords, make them unique

Your password is the first thing that protects you.

A strong password has at least seven characters including letter, symbols and numbers.

Avoid simple passwords like “0246810” or your birth date.

Always make sure its a secure connection when online shopping

Always make sure you’re using a secure internet connection while making a purchase.

If you see a padlock in the corner of the browser that means its secure.

Also if the web address starts with an “https” instead of “http” the “s” stands for secure.

If you shop while using free public Wi-Fi you’re putting your password and card info in danger.

A safer bet is to use your phone cellar data.

Or wait until you get home.

When shopping online only use sites that secure payment methods.

Like PayPal or credit card so then you have buyer protection.

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