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New York State awards $1.2M to protect Owasco Lake’s water quality

In an effort to safeguard the water quality of Owasco Lake, the state of New York has allocated a $1.2 million grant to the Finger Lakes Land Trust. This funding, part of the Water Quality Improvement Project grant program by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, aims to acquire land and establish conservation easements within the Owasco Lake watershed.

The grant focuses on enhancing water quality through strategic land conservation, particularly around significant water tributaries, wetlands, and areas that can be restored. The Finger Lakes Land Trust plans to collaborate with local landowners to implement measures that will most effectively improve the lake’s water condition, which is crucial as Owasco Lake serves as a vital drinking water source for Auburn and its neighboring communities.

This funding announcement arrives amidst legal actions by Auburn and Owasco against the state regarding watershed regulations, highlighting the importance of local and state efforts in protecting water resources. Overall, the state’s investment, which exceeds $146 million for various projects, underscores New York’s commitment to maintaining water quality, public health, and environmental sustainability across its communities.