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Grocery shopping: Changes for 2022

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Here’s what you should expect to see in every grocery store this year.

While as of right now your typical shopping trip consists of grabbing a cart and picking out food items.

The same way you’ve always done it in the past, experts say it could be a different story a year from now.

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4 changes you might see in your local grocery store in 2022

Most people are weary when it comes to change.

Especially the way this past year has went, you might not always know what to expect.

Luckily we have some answers for you.

Here’s some changes that will likely appear in 2022

Plant-based products making a bigger appearance.

Its be predicted for shoppers to see more plan-flavored items.

Which has proven to be true with salads, snacks and other items involving sunflower seeds becoming more popular.

Increased security

Hy-Vee has already announced that they are stepping up their security as of 2021.

It is no question that grocery stores and their workers have suffered a huge blow from this pandemic.

From store closures, customers not following store policies and other major safety events.

It is very likely that we will see more security in 2022.

Prices continuing to be raised

Due to climate abnormalities and labor shortages food prices will increase 5% during the first half of the year.

This will have its biggest impact be on some kitchen favorites like eggs, meat, and milk.

Welcoming smart carts

Smart carts were originally introduced by Amazon in 2020.

This technology called the Dash Cart takes note of all the products you place in your cart.

Then charges you once you’ve left the store.

Albertsons and Kroger are also testing smart carts involved with Vevve a tech start up.

There is also a model from Instacart’s new AI company Caper Inc..
That can scan, weigh and display what’s inside.

Instacart aims to connect this new technology with its mobile app.

It is unlikely that smart carts will take over for traditional shopping carts over the year.

But there will most likely be more models and testing showing up at grocery stores across the country.

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