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Palmyra village mayor embroiled in controversy: Accused of racist, homophobic commentary

Serious allegations have come forward in the small Wayne County village of Palmyra.

Mayor David Husk has been accused of routinely and openly voicing racist and homophobic commentaries, according to a letter leaked to the Times of Wayne County from Wayne County Compliance Officer Edward Hunt Jr.

He’s also accused of routinely engaging in retaliatory behavior toward village employees who he views as a threat to him. The letter even indicates that as Compliance Officer attempted to investigate- employees refused to talk out of fear for retaliation.

Husk recently appeared on The Bob Lonsberry Show on WHAM1180, in which he suggested that residents would be surprised after they learned the truth about the allegations.

Husk obtained a lawyer, and then issued the following statement on January 6:

“The letter from Compliance Officer Hunt to the Attorney General’s office was one-sided and filled with many inaccurate, misleading and hearsay information. I would of liked to had the opportunity to address the concerns in the letter, but was never giving the opportunity to do so from the Compliance Officer.”

“I have actual sworn notarized statements on who actually requested the Fire apparatus, as proof that misinformed information was not properly investigated, also the school district has confirmed that another misleading-statement given, was that the complainant (Chief Smith) was NOT a High School wrestling coach at Palmyra-Macedon Central School District, as reported.”

A letter has been drafted by my Attorney to the Attorney General’s Office, to answer the allegations. On the advice from counsel I will have no further comment on this issue at this time.”