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Food Stamps: Will you see extra $120 per month?

New York State residents eligible for food stamp SNAP benefits will see an additional $120 per month.

grocery store produce section filled with food stamp snap benefit eligible items

The temporary increase is 15% was made permanent under the American Rescue Act in Oct. for struggling families.

Food stamps are used by Americans struggling to put food on the table for their families.

The new increase projects an extra $1,440 per year for New York recipients.

Using your SNAP benefits online

Who can get food stamps?

Different states have different rules for who can qualify for food stamps.

New York, Oregon, and Texas all follow the same type of eligibility requirements for the most part.

In those states, you must make below $150 per month to get expedited SNAP benefits.

You cannot have liquid assets or resources worth over $99.

There are some differences with the states as well.

Oregon is a smaller state. Residents will only see $337 for the year in extra benefits.

Expedited food stamps

The difference with expedited SNAP benefits is that they arrive faster than regular benefits.

They still work the same way for the same foods.

Food stamps typically take 30 days to arrive after applying, but expedited benefits will show up within 5 days of your applications.

You’ll need to file an application with your birth certificate, drivers license, or Social Security card for proof of identity.

You’ll need to show income in most cases with your bank statements or pay stubs.

The agency will also ask you for an interview.

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