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Tax season 2022: IRS sends important stimulus letters

The IRS wants the public to know they should not throw away two important letters being sent in Jan. for their 2021 tax returns.

Anyone the received the stimulus check in 2021 or child tax credit payments will be getting a letter for each. The letter will detail money received.

These letters are important to make sure your tax returns are accurate.

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36 million Americans who received the third stimulus check will be getting a Letter 6475.

As for child tax credit payments, those recipients will be getting a Letter 6419.

In 2021, qualifying parents could receive up to $300 per month from July through Dec. This was an advancement on the tax credit they could claim in 2022.

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Families can claim the credit in 2022 on their tax returns.

The IRS is hoping that by providing letters with detailed information, it can help avoid errors and delays in tax returns.

Families that did not benefit should double check their eligibility in 2022 to be sure they aren’t missing out.

Anyone that gave birth in Dec. will also qualify for the full $3,600 on their tax return if they meet the income requirements.

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