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$1,000 tax credit checks going to 200,000 households

200,000 Americans are going to benefit from a tax credit check worth $1,000 soon.

These residents are from Connecticut.

Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, shared that the Department of Revenue Service has decided to boost the earned income tax credit by 41.5%.

This increase is retroactive and for the credits claimed in 2021.

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Before the boost the credit was 23%.

198,708 household will benefit from this, but the amount they receive varies based on household size and need.

The need is based on income, marriage status, and children.

Lamont is working to provide relief to residents still struggling from the pandemic.

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Who gets the tax credit check and when will they be sent?

Those who claim the earned income tax credit are low to moderate income families.

This means in 2020 they earned below $56,844.

The checks are coming just in time for parents not receiving a child tax credit payment next month.

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Households getting these checks in Connecticut have a total of 220,000 children.

The cost of sending these checks is $75 million dollars and comes from the Coronavirus Relief Fund for the state, which holds $1.38 billion dollars.

The fund was created under the CARES Act in March of 2020.

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