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Tax deadline is extended in some states for 2022, is yours one of them?

There have been some catastrophic disasters, including tornadoes this month.

This has impacted thousands of Americans and t he IRS knows this.

The IRS decided to give residents affected from these disasters and extra month to file their taxes on time.

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What states have had the deadline extended and when is the new deadline?

Residents of Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee will all see a new deadline.

This deadline is May 16, 2022. The original deadline for everyone else is April 16, 2022.

Those who file individual and business tax returns are impacted.

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The IRS is giving these deadlines to those in areas declared a disaster by FEMA.

It’s an automatic extension, no action is needed.

If taxpayers don’t apply for an extension or file by the new deadline, they could face penalties.

If your taxes are impacted by a disaster area but you live outside of it the IRS is willing to work with you.

You need to call them at 866-562-5227 to set something up.

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