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When will I get my tax refund in 2022 and how much will it be?

2022 is likely to have a complicated tax season, so people are preparing for it as 2021 ends.

There are deadlines to remember, letters to know about, and plenty of deductions or credits to claim.

While there are deadlines and dates set, it is possible that things are delayed similarly to how they were delayed due to the pandemic.

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Federal tax deadlines and dates for 2022

The regular tax date for returns to be filed by is April 15, 2022.

Because that day is a weekday and holiday in 2022, it pushes the date back.

April 15. 2022 is also Emancipation Day, a celebrated holiday in Washington D.C. that leaves most offices closed.

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This changes the tax deadline to April 18, 2022.

Americans can expect their W-2 forms by Jan. 31, 2022.

When will I get my refund and how much will it be?

The IRS may accept tax returns as early as January, but it may end up being pushed into February.

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When filing electronically, you can usually expect your refund within three weeks.

If you choose direct deposit over paper checks, it will happen quicker.

If filing a paper return, the wait may end up being 6 to 8 weeks for a refund.

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The earlier you file your return, the faster you might see your refund. When filing at the same time as everyone else, it may result in a delay.

The average refund for 2021 was $2,827.

With all the changes in laws for child tax credits and stimulus payments, it’s very possible you will see a different number in 2022.

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