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524,000 Americans will see surprise $581 stimulus checks before 2022

Over half a million residents in Minnesota will see a surprise check from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

The checks are being sent out to residents that paid state taxes on their unemployment benefits.

Altogether, 524,000 returns are being issued with an average amount of $581.

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The reason Minnesota has decided to make these refunds is because the Biden administration decided to allow the first $10,200 in unemployment to remain untaxed for 2020.

Many people had already filed their taxes before that was signed into law in March, resulting in thousands of refunds from the IRS.

Minnesota decided to follow suit and give their residents the same break the federal government did.

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Anyone that is eligible does not need to take action, the state will issue the refund automatically based on the taxpayer’s tax return.

If you do not have your direct deposit information on file, a paper check will be mailed.

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