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Will you get a surprise stimulus payment worth up to $8,000 next year?

Checks worth up to $8,000 are being sent in 2022 under a provision of the American Rescue Act.

Some qualifying Americans will see as much as $8,000 under the child and dependent tax credit.

In order to qualify, parents need to have an AGI of under $125,000 and two children under 13.

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The funding is to help parents pay for the costs that go into raising and caring for a child.

Parents can claim up to $8,000 for one child and $16,000 for more than two kids.

The money can be claimed on your tax refund with qualifying expenses like child care, transportation, and other costs.

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What else is helping parents?

While college students typically age out around the time they start college, parents can rest easy knowing some students have received aid from their university or college.

Many students have received as much as $3,000.

$40 billion all together has been distributed to students and their colleges.

This funding was given under the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, a provision of the American Rescue Act.

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