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5 ways Americans can collect stimulus payments in 2022

Many families were relying heavily on the 2021 advanced child tax credit payments, but those came to an end on Dec. 15.

What’s good is that some stimulus programs remain for Americans that qualify.

Americans in some areas have an opportunity to cash in on city or state stimulus checks, or even universal basic income.

Not everyone will qualify, but it’s worth checking out to see if you do.

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Here are 5 ways Americans can still collect stimulus cash in 2022

One way Americans are making out okay is by collecting state and city stimulus checks they qualify for.

California has been sending batches of payments out for their Golden State Stimulus II program since October.

Residents making below a certain income can qualify for the payments that are aimed to help the financial impact the pandemic had on them.

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In Maine, over 500,000 residents were sent checks worth $285, and in Maryland, some residents received $300 or $500 checks.

Florida has sent teachers and first responders one time payments of $1,000 for their dedication.

Other ways Americans are getting financial aid is by collecting any UBI payments they may qualify for.

Cities throughout the country are starting their own pilot programs including Columbia, Chicago, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Santa Ana.

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Low income fathers in Columbia, South Carolina could qualify for payments worth $500 per month for one year.

Chicago residents making under $35,000 were chosen at random to receive $500 checks every month, and residents in Los Angeles could see $1,000 per month.

Teens and young adults in Louisiana can get $350 per month as an attempt at teaching them financial literacy.

The opportunity in 2022 to collect the remainder of your child tax credit will present itself.

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Those who collected the payments each month in 2021 and who qualify for the rest of the payment will see the second half when they file their taxes in 2022.

Some people opted out or did not claim it because they do not normally file taxes.

When those people file their 2022 taxes they can see the entire amount.

Some families will see additional stimulus payments when they file their 2022 tax returns.

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This includes those who had a newborn in 2021, gained a dependent, or live abroad and weren’t sent a check last year.

These are worth $1,400 and are part of the American Rescue Act.

Only 1% of residents living abroad last year received their $1,400 stimulus check and those who gained dependents need to let the IRS know.

Finally, there are other ways to collect cash besides using stimulus and government programs.

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There are cash back programs through services like Ibotta and TopCashBack that will give you rebates for purchases you were already going to make.

There are also incentives available at some places like banks for opening a new account.

Certain jobs are offering sign on bonuses for new hires.

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