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Parents can claim child tax credits worth $1,800 or $3,600 in just 5 days, here’s how

In less than a week, 2022 will begin and Americans can start preparing their taxes.

This means families eligible for the child tax credit, whether it’s their second half or the full amount, can file to claim the credit.

The payments will be sent out in 2022 after tax returns are filed and processed.

In order to make that claim, parents need to get the letter from the IRS with the information about payments they received for the child tax credit in 2021.

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The information on the letter is correct and will make receiving the final payment happen in a timely fashion.

The last payment for 2021 was sent Dec. 15.

Because families only received a part of the 2022 credit, they can expect one last payment next year.

Many families received in total up to $1,800 if the received all of the 6 advanced payments for July through Dec. This means they can expect the second half worth up to $1,800 next year.

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Some families opted out, meaning they can collect that full $3,600 next year.

Some families chose to opt out in case they made more money and the IRS wasn’t aware to avoid having to pay it back.

Families that welcome a new baby in December of 2021 can also claim the full $3,600 next year if they meet the income guidelines.

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Some families were eligible but the IRS did not know nor did they register to get the payments. They may claim the full credit next year.

Families who do not normally file taxes will have to file them next year to make the claim.

The IRS can electronically direct deposit payments with bank account information provided on the return.

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