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$1,000 surprise stimulus checks will arrive next week, is one yours?

Many Americans will be excited to hear that next week, $1,000 stimulus payments will arrive for those eligible.

Several states have created their own programs to help their most vulnerable residents.

These programs allow some of them to qualify for a fourth stimulus check from their state, as federal stimulus checks look unlikely.

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Connecticut Back to Work program pays qualifying residents $1,000

If you’re a resident in Connecticut who was out of work but have since returned, you may be eligible for an extra $1,000.

The program began on May 30, 2021 and runs until Dec. 31, 2021.

Governor Ned Lamont said this $1,000 can help cover the costs of getting back to work for things like childcare.

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While other states have similar programs, the one in Connecticut is more in depth with additional requirements.

The biggest requirement is that a person has obtained employment after collecting the unemployment benefits. You need to work for eight weeks.

How to qualify for and claim the $1,000

A Back to Work CT Program must be completed electronically before you can see any stimulus payment. Paper applications are not accepted.

An applicant may be contacted in order to verify eight consecutive weeks of working have happened.

There are other, more specific qualifications required in order to be eligible.

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An unemployment weekly claim needs to have been filed in the state of Connecticut for the weeks of May 23-29, 2021.

Unemployment claims needed to be filed for 11 more weeks between Dec. 27, 2020 and May 22, 2021.

You need to have worked at a full time job for eight consecutive weeks.

No unemployment claims can be filed for those eight weeks of working.

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