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Universal basic income checks worth up to $1,446 being sent next year, do you qualify?

There are thousands of Americans who will be benefitting soon from another universal basic income program.

Many individuals have struggled since the start of the pandemic, especially those that had positions working closely with people.

Others lost income because Americans became strapped for cash as inflation soared and people only purchased needs, not wants.

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This has been especially hard for artists.

A new UBI program will help 2,400 Americans currently struggling in the arts and humanities industry.

Universal basic income for artists under Creatives Rebuild New York

Creatives Rebuild New York, or CRNY was created to provide $125 million over a three year span to as many as 2,700 artists located in the state of New York.

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2,400 artists will receive monthly payments with no requirements to pay it back.

300 artists will receive work through the program.

Artists will receive a full time salary that aligns with the median income for the state of New York along with benefits.

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DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

Only artists residing in New York may qualify.

The Sun estimates that around $1,446 per month will go to eligible participants. How much they’ll receive has not been released.

Applications will start being accepted in early 2022.

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