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How can I get my Social Security checks faster?

Many people struggle when first enrolling for Social Security benefits.

They may be in need of that financial assistance right then, but the processing time forces them to wait.

In an effort to fix this, President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that would make claiming and receiving benefits easier for recipients.

This will require the Social Security Administration to simplify the process of acquiring benefits.

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Biden stated that the executive order puts American people at the front line and first in everything the government does.

His executive order will make 17 different agencies that serve the public focus on 30 key areas that would make applying for services they’ve paid into, and are entitled to, easier to obtain.

Biden added that the goal is for the government to work more efficiently, making the processes less confusing and more straight forward.

Biden’s executive order and Social Security benefits explained

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The executive order is know as the Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.

It’s goal is to help Americans get their benefits quicker. One way of doing this is allowing people to apply online.

The Social Security Administration is required to create an online process that can be used with mobile devices.

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This will let people apply and interact with the administration online as well as use different tools instead of needing to physically go to a local field office.

The overall goal of this executive order is not to increase the amount of Social Security benefits people receive.

What could happen though, is allow people to better understand the benefits they’re actually entitled to. This may result in people receiving more assistance thanks to clearer understanding of programs and qualifications.

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