Under this new order, new Social Security and food stamp SNAP beneficiaries will see benefits faster

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that will help those filing for SNAP and Social Security benefits get those funds quicker.

This will make the IRS call Americans back instead of placing them on hold.

There will be an online tool for Social Security beneficiaries to slash waiting time.

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A new portal will be created for Medicare recipients that helps them save money on healthcare and prescriptions.

Biden expressed his opinion that people should be able to apply and have access to things like Medicare and Social Security tools without needing to physically go to the office.

The ability to apply for food stamps will find the process easier to navigate when it comes to confirming eligibility and income.

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Biden also plans to do things like speed up airport security, making filing and getting refunds from the IRS easier, and make disbursing disaster aid faster.

What’s happening with benefits over the holidays?

Due to when the holidays fall, there should not be a huge impact on receiving benefits.

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Social Security is given on Wednesdays so that schedule remains the same.

SSI is given on the first of the month, so claimants will see the payment for Jan. in Dec.

For food stamps, rules vary by state so it’s best to contact your EBT office.

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