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Lodi faces criticism over support for landfill expansion

In a recent move that has sparked widespread concern, the Lodi Town Board voted in favor of supporting the expansion of Seneca Meadows, New York’s largest landfill. This decision could see the landfill accepting 6,000 tons of trash daily for the next 16 years, raising significant environmental and health concerns among residents. Opponents of the expansion are urging the Board to reconsider their resolution at the next meeting scheduled for March 14.

Seneca Meadows, located in the historic town of Seneca Falls, is currently permitted to operate at a massive scale, with plans for further growth that include extending its operations until 2040 and expanding its physical footprint. This has led to considerable opposition from various groups, including municipalities, public officials, and indigenous communities, who argue that the expansion contradicts New York’s environmental goals and poses health risks due to contaminants like PFAS.

Critics highlight the landfill’s negative impact on the community, including potential health risks, environmental damage, and economic drawbacks. The landfill’s expansion is seen as contrary to the state’s waste management strategies, which aim to reduce reliance on landfills. Residents and activists are now calling for action to prevent the landfill’s growth, emphasizing the need for sustainable waste management practices in New York.