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Stimulus checks worth $600 and $1,100 being sent this week, is one yours?

800,000 stimulus checks will have been sent to residents in California by Dec. 17.

These checks range in value from $600 to $1,100.

The Golden State Stimulus II program in California is sending out checks worth $12 billion in total to eligible residents.

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The way you receive the payment will likely be the same as how you received your tax refund.

Direct deposits should appear in bank accounts within a few days of receiving it and paper checks may take a few weeks.


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In order to get the payment, you must have been a resident in California for more than 6 months of 2020 as well as still be a resident when the payments are sent.

Those making between $1 and $75,000 are eligible as long as they filed their 2020 taxes by Oct. 15.

$563 million in stimulus cash will be sent by Dec. 17.

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The payments are staggered by zip code.

Those with zip codes ending in 585-719 will have their checks sent by the 17th, 720-927 will have checks sent between Dec. 13 and Dec. 31, and 029-999 will have their checks sent between Dec. 27 and Jan. 11.

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