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Will there be a fourth stimulus check because of the Omicron variant?

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise thanks to the Omicron variant, many Americans are hoping for a new stimulus check.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, billions of dollars have been sent to Americans on behalf of the federal government.

Last month the Omicron variant was detected in the U.S., and it’s believed that this variant is more transmissible than other variants.

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Prior to this strain, when the U.S. was struggling due to COVID-19, the government would send stimulus checks to help struggling Americans out of work.

Some experts feel like the issue of inflation happening right now is partially driven by the stimulus checks given out early on in the pandemic.

At this moment, it appears that there is no fourth stimulus check on the horizon.

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If there’s no new stimulus check, will there be financial help through COVID-19?

President Joe Biden and his administration are working hard to pass their Build Back Better bill.

The House passed the bill but now it’s in front of the Senate.

While stimulus checks aren’t a focus in the bill, other long term solutions to help struggling Americans are.

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There are provisions that would extend the expanded child tax credits into 2022, including the advanced payments that helped millions stay out of poverty.

Historically, the last three stimulus checks given out were given after sharp increases in COVID-19 cases.

If the Omicron variant increased drastically, that could change whether checks are sent or not.

Right now, a fourth stimulus check is not in the future.

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