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Fears over end of stimulus checks due to record low of jobless claims

Many Americans have been calling on President Joe Biden to give another stimulus check to those struggling. Now that jobless claims have hit a 52-year record low, people are fearful they won’t see another stimulus check.

199,000 claims were filed last week, the lowest amount since 1969.

Economists originally projected 260,000 claims for that time period.

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Experts say that as the economy continues to go in a positive direction, especially with employment, there’s no reason to expect another stimulus check from the government.

270,000 Americans applied for unemployment insurance in early Nov.

The last government stimulus check was sent out in March of 2021 and was worth $1,400.

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Americans are currently calling on Congress to send out another round of checks worth $2,000.

Families will also benefit from one more advanced child tax credit payment Dec. 15 worth up to $300 per child.

Inflation is another impact that has families calling on President Joe Biden to send out another stimulus check.

In Oct. it was announced that inflation had hit 6.2% in the last year, the highest in recent history.

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States handing out stimulus checks

Illinois knows its residents are struggling, and Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives have proposed a $200 state stimulus check.

To qualify, residents that file single need to earn less that $75,000. Married couples earning less than $150,000 will get checks worth $400.

California is also in the middle of sending out their second round of the Golden State Stimulus II checks. They’re being sent in batches, many of which have already seen their direct deposit go through.

At the end, around 9 million Californians will have received checks worth $500-$1,100.

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