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Surprise $500 stimulus checks are being sent in these states, is one yours?

Three states are sending out surprise $500 stimulus checks.

While many Americans are benefitting from these checks, many aren’t. Those that aren’t may be eligible for payments worth up to $2,000.

After federal checks worth $3,400 were sent to Americans after the start of the pandemic, many states started paying their residents with their own stimulus programs.

States sending out $500 checks to eligible residents are Michigan, Maryland, and Tennessee.

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These states have other chances or ways for residents to qualify for their own stimulus programs

Arizona has a back to work program for those that have been out of work.

Residents that return to work part time could get checks worth $1,000, while residents that return to work full time could get checks worth $2,000.

California residents may qualify for the Golden State Stimulus checks that are going out through the end of the year.

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Around 9 million California residents can expect a check by the end of the year. They need a salary of $30,000 to $75,000 per year to qualify for $600 if they have no dependents. Those with kids under 18 can expect $1,100.

Connecticut also has a back to work program that will give those returning to work $1,000. The program began May 30, 2021 and will continue through until the end of the year.

The requirements take into account how long a person has been on unemployment and when they filed for it. They almost must have obtained a job to qualify.

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Florida is paying teachers and principals $1,000 bonuses for working during the pandemic, and so is Georgia.

Idaho is offering a one time income tax rebate which have over 500,000 residents checks worth, on average, $248.

Maryland handed out a state wide stimulus check in Aug. for those that filed for earned income tax credit.

Single filers got $300 and filers with dependents got $500.

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Michigan is paying teachers $500 for hazard pay.

New Hampshire is paying families with no income $1,086.

New Mexico has reopened their economic relief program to go back and give checks to those that did not qualify for the first round. The last checks were worth $750.

Ohio students could benefit from grant money toward their education. $46 million has been set aside for the cause.

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In Oklahoma, $13 million was set aside to pay student teachers.

Tennessee is paying full time school employees $1,000 and part time school employees $500.

Vermont is offering to pay up to $7,500 for someone’s moving expenses if they’re relocating to work in the hospitality or construction industry.

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