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There is stimulus support for struggling homeowners with a Homeowner Assistance Fund

Many homeowners have been struggling since the pandemic started having a negative economic impact.

Americans also grew accustomed to receiving stimulus checks from the government after getting three.

Many are wondering what to do now that these checks have stopped, but they still have bills like mortgages to pay.

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What can Americans do to help pay their mortgages?

There isn’t a specific program created by Congress for mortgages and stimulus aid. There has been help made available to those that own their homes though.

The Homeowner Assistance Fund is one program, which was created under President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Act.

The fund has given $10 billion dollars to states and Washington D.C. to help residents pay for costs that come with owning a home.

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This includes mortgage payments, utility bills, and homeowner’s insurance.

The cash is federal funding but it’s being given to the states to distribute it.

How do Americans get the funding to pay their mortgage and other bills related to homeownership?

The fund is designed to help those that experienced hardship directly related to the pandemic. Keep in mind if you’ve ever had trouble with the law and need to rent something in between moves, apartments that accept felons can be hard to find.

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Eligibility requirements are that incomes are 150% or less of the area median income, or 100% of the median income for the United States.

The balance of the mortgage must be under $548,250.

States requirements vary, with Connecticut giving as much as $20,000, and Illinois residents getting up to $30,000.

States are working diligently to finish their HAF programs under the directions of the National Council of State Housing Agencies.

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