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Penn Yan to tackle marijuana sale issue December 21st

The Penn Yan Village Board will likely decide whether to allow retail marijuana sales within the village December 21st, just ten days before the state’s opt-out deadline.

Mayor Leigh MacKerchar tells the Finger Lakes Times sentiment among village residents is evenly split. A public hearing on the issue will be held December 21st. At the moment, it’s scheduled for the Village Hall, but MacKerchar says it might be moved to a larger space.

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One option on the table is putting the issue up for a referendum, which would likely be held in March, during village elections.

Under the state law legalizing possession of marijuana, municipalities have the option to prohibit retail sales. Some communities have done so, while others say doing so would deprive them of tax revenue, which would go to neighboring communities that do not choose to opt out.

Towns considering marijuana opt out laws will face revenue losses, economic competition if they change their minds in the future