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Are you one of the 17 million Americans missing out on free stimulus money?

Many Americans have cashed in on the free money when it comes to COVID-19 relief aid, but few are taking full advantage of federal aid already available.

There are programs you can set up through your employer that will only make you money in the long run so you have a comfortable and successful retirement.

Starting a 401k allows for an employee to deposit money and have it doubled or matched by their employer.

Other employers match a percentage of your salary, so it’s important to find out your policy to collect free cash for the future.

Students can also get free money by applying for government grants. When getting a grant like that it goes directly toward your education and does not need to be paid back.

There are also numerous other types of grants for things like business, housing, and personal. Check them out on the USA Grant Application site.

After applying, the application will be reviewed and you will be notified on whether you qualify.

Many things are taken into consideration when looking at applications like income levels, dependents, cancer survivors, whether someone has debt or is a victim of abuse, etc.

Positive things are taken into account as well, like if someone hopes to be the first to graduate from college in their family.

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