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LETTER: Former Phelps mayor endorses challenger, says it’s time for change in Town leadership

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Look a little deeper than loyalty, emotion when voting

– By Jim Cheney, Former Phelps Village Mayor

The time for local elections is rapidly approaching. Very often, ballots are cast based on emotions or loyalty. I’d like to suggest that this year, we should all look a little deeper. While learning from the past, we should look to the future … what is best for the future of our community?

In the Town of Phelps Supervisor race, as an example, they both of have some great qualifications. You’ll frequently hear, “he’s a great guy.” I’ve worked with both in past projects for the community and, both of these gentlemen are “great guys”. When needed, they’ll always lend a helping hand. They’ve both been in roles with responsibility. Norm Teed has been highway superintendent and town supervisor. Ryan Davis has been president of the school board and a leader in his chosen occupation, as well as various community organizations. They’re both willing to advocate for something they believe in, even if it isn’t always popular or understood by others. So, how do we differentiate between them?

Instead of just choosing the same, familiar name or the same party line as we always have, while learning from the past, what is best for our future?

Mr. Teed is campaigning on being the taxpayer advocate and keeping taxes low. Learning from the past, the facts tell a different story. The tax levy (which is the important number, not the rate) in the past 5 years has increased at a significantly higher rate than inflation or surrounding communities.

When looking to the future, we should look at who has a vision and who demonstrates leadership. In his propaganda, Mr. Davis has laid out his vision for Phelps, along with a plan on how to achieve it. He also has demonstrated his leadership by serving the school district through one of the most difficult times in history and has brought together a team of people who, if elected, are committed to working together with all employees and local partners for our future in a transparent way. For Mr. Davis, it is all about serving the community.

On election day, please take advantage of your opportunity to vote and make a thoughtful choice about yown town’s future. While I appreciate and thank Mr. Teed for his many years of service, I intend to support Ryan Davis for the future of Phelps. I hope you’ll join me in supporting him.