LETTER: Column about landfill revenue missed points about impact on taxpayers

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Durso’s column missed crucial points about Seneca Meadows Landfill revenue for Seneca Falls

– By Andy Moss, Chair, Responsible Solutions New York

In Friday’s edition, Josh Durso took a look at some of the important questions surrounding Tuesday’s election for Seneca Falls Town Board

The column, however, only told part of the story when it noted using reserves to backfill lost Host Community Agreement funds if Seneca Meadows were to close. This missing part is much less simple for taxpayers. At some point, reserves run out and taxes must be raised. This dim future only comes to fruition if Doug Avery and Dave DeLelys’ are successful in their scheme to reject more than three million dollars in critical annual revenue Seneca Meadows provides to the town. Disastrous tax hikes and dramatic cuts in services are sure to follow.  

Just today, FL1’s Peter Mantius quoted Supervisor Ferrara that “Property taxes ‘for sure’ will rise over the next five years ‘unless spending is greatly reduced…I mean cutting positions that will affect health and safety issues like police protection and water/sewer.”

The Center for Governmental Research recently assessed the economic impact of Seneca Meadows and concluded that Seneca Falls property taxes could skyrocket as much as 74 percent. With growing price inflation, can Seneca Falls’ homeowners afford this reckless financial approach?

The holiday season is right around the corner. Inflation and supply chain issues are wreaking havoc with our economy at a national and local level. Taxpayers need to finally ask the question, ‘Who is looking out for us?” They will find Kaitlyn Laskoski and Frank Sinicropi are ready, willing, and able to hold the line on taxes and spending and bring a desperately needed common sense style of leadership to the Town Board. 

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