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Is trick-or-treating safe for kids this year with COVID-19 still around?

Kids didn’t get the chance to trick-or-treat last year, making this the first time for a lot of kids in two years. So what are some ways to keep kids and families happy, healthy, and safe as the first holiday of many comes around this weekend?

The biggest thing officials say can be done is to get anyone eligible for a vaccine vaccinated. Many kids aren’t old enough to get it yet, and one thing adults can do is get vaccinated when around children to help prevent them from contracting it.

The vaccine for children ages 5-11 is in the steps of being approved, but is not far enough along in the process to be approved before Halloween.

Face masks or coverings are also suggested for children and parents partaking in Halloween festivities as a precaution. They’re highly suggested in indoor settings like haunted houses or parties.

Hands should be frequently washed, people should stay home if they think they might be sick, and any parties are better off being held outdoors if weather permits.

Last year recommendations ranged from wiping down every piece of candy to only mingling with immediately family. This year most areas have much more relaxed suggestions.

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