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Delta Plus, or AY.4.2, is now in Massachusetts

The Delta Plus variant that caught the attention of researchers and officials in the U.K. has officially been spotted in Massachusetts. It’s in other states as well.

Since late spring the virus has been almost 100% the Delta Variant. This new strain may be 10-15% more contagious than the Delta Variant from which it came from.

This new variant is actually like a grandchild to the Delta Variant, showing how far mutations are going. As of now, the Delta Plus variant makes up about 6% of new cases in the U.K. and is being closely watched in the U.S.

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The WHO has not labeled this new variant as a variant of interest or concern.

Data and studies have not shown it has genetic changes that change major characteristics like severity of illness or evasion of the vaccine.

Officials will keep and eye on the strain but say there is no reason to panic.

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