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COVID-19 takes a direct toll on businesses employing and reopening

Many employers are deciding how much they want to hire or even if they want to reopen their businesses depending on things like infection rates, health concerns, and whether child care and school is even an adequate option.

A survey by the Greater Washington Partnership asked local businesses and employees how or if they were reopening after something like COVID-19.

Last year the reopening plans were mostly contingent on if a vaccine would be widely available, and today multiple vaccines are available.

Another interesting find in then newest survey was that many businesses are choosing to keep employees working from home over the next 12 months, with a goal of getting just under 70% back to work by summer of 2022.

The original expectation from the 2020 survey was that employees be back to work by fall of 2021.

4 out of 10 businesses in the survey feel they struggle to find employees, while most plan to grow within the next year at a slow pace.

The survey shows remote working is becoming more normal among society.

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