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4.3 million people left their jobs in August; the workforce is struggling but working toward recovery

August saw record highs for Americans choosing to quit their jobs as hiring slowed and COVID-19 rates started to increase again.

In August, 4.3 million Americans left their jobs. Almost 7% were in the hospitality industry working at bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Despite this, there was still a hiring lull and unemployment dropped to just 4.8% nationally.

Now, the economy is 5 million jobs short, and they’re mainly in dining and hospitality.

Many individuals are choosing to retire or pick and choose jobs they really want now that they don’t need to stay in low paying positions.

Michael Farren, a research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, tells CNYCentral that this is a good thing.

Unlike being laid off like in the beginning of the pandemic, people can now choose to leave for the betterment of their own wellbeing.

Many people left due to the spread of the Delta variant, others due to lack of childcare. Some just moved on to other things.

The pandemic caused the workforce to be about 4 million people short, and though businesses are struggling, they are progressing and jobs are being filled slowly but surely.