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Study looks at toxic effects from the use of ivermectin as a way to treat COVID-19

Many people seem to believe that ivermectin is used as a way to treat COVID-19 and are even going as far as suing hospitals to authorize its use for loved ones.

The FDA has approved ivermectin for human consumption to treat parasites orally and topically, and is used in animals and pets for parasites.

The study said that while ivermectin may decrease severe COVID, in trials it has shown no clinical benefit.

Since the pandemic began, veterinary use has increased, prescriptions used by humans has gone up 24 times higher, and prescriptions in Aug. 2021 were 4 times higher than July 2021.

Poison control in Oregon, which also services Alaska and Guam, has seen an increase for ivermectin exposure in their calls.

During the month of August there were 21 calls. 11 of the calls were men, mostly over the age of 60, and half reportedly used ivermectin to prevent COVID while the other half used to it treat COVID.

Several people experienced symptoms within two hours of taking a large, single dose.

6 people had symptoms develop after several days or weeks gradually from repeated doses.

6 of the 21 people were hospitalized for toxic side effects from using it to prevent COVID. Four were in ICU and none died.

4 people has bowel issues, 3 experienced confusion, 2 had weakness, 2 had hypertension and 1 had seizures.

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