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Lawsuits continue as families try to save their loved ones on ventilators from COVID-19 with ivermectin

Lawsuits across the country continue to pile up when it comes to giving loved ones ivermectin as a last ditch effort to help cure their COVID-19 symptoms.

Ivermectin is a parasitic medication used for deworming in animals and has not been tested on humans for the treatment of COVID-19.

Studies in other countries using the drug garnered attention when it appeared to have a positive potential for treating the virus. Some of those studies were later withdrawn.

Many of these lawsuits are being filed by a New York lawyer out of the Buffalo area.

Some families have won the lawsuits and are able to give their ailing family member the drug, while others have had their lawsuits denied.

Some judges are denying the lawsuits on the grounds of medical professionals being against it, not wanting to impede on the experts.

Other judges have approved it only to have the order overturned later.

Hospitals aren’t in favor of giving the drug and say it goes against their medical standards, as well as having the potential to cause unknown harm.

The lawyer from Buffalo said that his first two cases were for older women on ventilators, and both won the lawsuit to be given ivermectin.

Both survived COVID-19.

Studies are being done on the drug, and the FDA has approved its use for its intended purpose of parasitic treatment in humans like roundworms, lice and other tiny parasites.

It has not been approved to treat COVID-19 and animal strength ivermectin is not what’s given to humans for the approved parasitic treatments. It can apparently cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, delirium and even death if taken in that high of a dose.

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