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Multiple corrections officers injured following two attacks in Elmira Correctional Facility

Two incidents over the weekend and this week at Elmira Correctional Facility left multiple corrections officers injured.

The New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association stated that on Saturday an inmate left his cell. After being asked to return to his cell the inmate refused direct orders.

Two officers then approached him before the inmate attacked them, punching one in the arm. They placed him in a body hold he then got out of.

After getting out from the hold he hit an officer in the chin before being placed in another hold where he remained combative. That officer needed three stitches.

While in the hold he kicked an officer in the knee and tried to head butt and bite other officers. Spray was deployed but did nothing to stop the inmate.

Five officers suffered pain to various parts of their bodies ranging from shoulder to a swollen hand but remained on duty.

He was cuffed and taken back to his cell before going to the Special Housing Unit for disciplinary charges.

The man is a 37-year-old doing three years for weapons charges in Monroe County.

Two days later another attack occurred when an inmate violated visitation room policy and refused a pat frisk.

He became aggressive before being forced to the floor where he became compliant.

The inmate was identified as a 29-year-old man serving 33 years to life for shooting and killing a man in a subway.

NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President Mark Deburgomaster stated that the ability to discipline inmates is a broken system and will only get wore unless something is done to protect those serving in prisons.