Here’s how to qualify for SNAP food stamps, and what foods you can and cannot purchase

SNAP was increased for families across the nation Oct. 1, helping to feed more families and give access to healthier options.

People are typically receiving $157 on average per month after seeing the $36 increase.

What am I allowed or not allowed to buy with SNAP food stamps?

People may purchase fresh produce, meat, poultry, fish, dairy items, bread, cereal, snacks, beverages, and seeds or plants that produce food.

Many states do not allow the purchase of hot food, however New York is working to change that.

People may not buy alcohol, tobacco, vitamins, medication, live animals, pet food, cleaning items, paper products, hygiene products, or cosmetics.

People that can get food stamps typically need to have a gross income with 130% of the poverty line.

A single person’s income starts at $12,880 to be eligible for food stamps and the more a family grows the more they qualify for. A family of 4 has a poverty line of $26,500. These criteria may change by state.

Maximum allotment changes for states too. New York State has a maximum allotment of $250 per month for a one person family.

For bigger families the amount caps off at $835 for a family of 4.

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