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LETTER: Vote for Candidates with Courage in Seneca Falls

The following is a letter to the editor submitted by Ontario County Supervisor Lou Guard. accepts letter submissions of all lengths and topics. Send it to [email protected].

Local government is not for the faint of heart. Local officials are on the front lines answering to their neighbors and tax payers on issues that have a real impact on daily life. The decisions are tough and there is often no easy way out. As a public official serving on the Ontario County Board of Supervisors I know this first hand. In government, somewhere between the rhetoric and the bureaucracy it is easy to get lost and to start looking for the easy way out. But often times the right thing to do is not the easy thing to do. And it takes courage to do the right thing over the easy thing. This fall our cities and towns need local candidates with courage, now more than ever.  

In the Town of Seneca Falls, Doug Avery and Dave DeLelys are two candidates with courage who serve the Town of Seneca Falls with integrity, dignity, and the best interests of their town in mind. They have stood up to the interests of the trash industry to preserve the wellbeing and health of the Town of Seneca Falls and in turn our region. In my view, Seneca Falls and the Finger Lakes Region are better off with Dave and Doug.

I am not a resident of Seneca Falls, but I do understand the fiscal pressures on local governments. I also understand that in our region of Upstate New York, despite our healthy sense of pride and competition, we share our wins and we share our losses. One town’s success is another’s success. Agriculture, tourism, the environment, and economic development are all sectors and issues that go beyond the political boundaries of our communities. I respectfully ask the residents of Seneca Falls to support Doug Avery and Dave DeLelys. They are two candidates with courage who believe in what they do, in their town, and in our region. 

Wherever you vote this November, choose candidates who represent you when the decisions are hard. Choose candidates with courage. 

Lou Guard
Geneva City Supervisor
Ontario County Board of Supervisors