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Apple has major security issues they failed to resolve before launch of iPhone 13

Apple iPhones have seen a series of issues, mostly issues they failed to prevent themselves.

A security researcher informed Apple of a series of the worst kind of hacks and after 6 months they did not respond.

After taking it public, they did respond and promised to fix it.

There have been 8 updates since the researcher, Denis Tokarev, informed Apple of the security issues. This is the second since Apple publicly promised to fix it.

After looking into it, Tokarev told Forbes that Apple failed to fix two of the hacks, and failed to give him credit for the ones they did fix.

Now, Apple has left its users still vulnerable to security risks and failed to credit a researcher when he’s entitled to a payout for his work.

A thread online shows that some scorned individuals realize that they won’t be paid out what they deserve, and could sell it to hackers instead.

A pattern seems to be emerging where Apple ignores the issues or secretly fixes them and refuses to credit or reward researchers.

This can cause major issues for the company that claims to be one of the best at privacy and security.

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