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Pfizer conducts study on new drug that some believe is like ivermectin

Many people have been going against the advice of the FDA and using ivermectin, an anti-parasite medication for horses, to treat their COVID symptoms.

Evidently, Pfizer has created a drug similar to this horse drug people have been using.

There have been some cases where it’s approved for human use, and an attorney in Buffalo has been helping families get court orders to allow for the use of the drug in COVID positive patients that are hospitalized.

A drug created by Pfizer called PF-07321332 has started a study with 2,660 adults living in the same household with a symptomatic person in the home.

The drug works to attack the enzyme that the virus uses to replicate, but dome are saying that is what ivermectin does.

Pfizer’s spokesperson says that is not the same thing, nor is the drug similar to an animal’s medicine.

The drug created by Pfizer attacks and blocks the main protease in COVID, hindering virus growth.

Ivermectin blocks ion channels that parasites use to store positive and negative charged ions, something the COVID virus does not have.

This, makes the drugs structurally different and not at all the same.

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