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How did people get ivermectin prescribed to them? What about the lawsuits over the controversial COVID treatment?

Many New York residents took it to court when they tried getting their loved ones with severe COVID-19 a prescription for the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin. While some were denied, others won the lawsuit. Many were able to get the drug through out-of-state ... MORE
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Study looks at toxic effects from the use of ivermectin as a way to treat COVID-19

Many people seem to believe that ivermectin is used as a way to treat COVID-19 and are even going as far as suing hospitals to authorize its use for loved ones. The FDA has approved ivermectin for human consumption to treat parasites ... MORE
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Lawsuits continue as families try to save their loved ones on ventilators from COVID-19 with ivermectin

Lawsuits across the country continue to pile up when it comes to giving loved ones ivermectin as a last ditch effort to help cure their COVID-19 symptoms. Ivermectin is a parasitic medication used for deworming in animals and has not been tested ... MORE
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COVID-19 has entered the courtrooms as families fight to give loved ones one last chance with ivermectin

New York’s latest battle with COVID-19 is now involving the courts, as families sue hospitals in an attempt to save their family members in comas and on ventilators due to the virus. According to the Daily Messenger, there are at least 14 ... MORE
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Pfizer conducts study on new drug that some believe is like ivermectin

Many people have been going against the advice of the FDA and using ivermectin, an anti-parasite medication for horses, to treat their COVID symptoms. Evidently, Pfizer has created a drug similar to this horse drug people have been using. There have been ... MORE
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Local attorney works to obtain court orders on a national level to administer the legal use of ivermectin

A Buffalo attorney has been working tirelessly in his crusade to help families save their loved ones from COVID-19 by giving them ivermectin. The lawyer, Ralph Lorigo, helped someone that wanted to give their 80-year-old mother on a ventilator the drug back ... MORE
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Why are people taking Ivermectin to treat COVID-19? Medical Association calls for ‘immediate’ end as major side effects loom

Stop using ivermectin as a treatment to COVID-19. That’s the message from the American Medical Association, who officially called for an ‘immediate end’ to the use of the drug in COVID-19 treatments. This as doctors across the U.S. prescribe it for that ... MORE