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If vaccine rates stay the same, hospitals won’t be able to keep up with the increase in positive COVID-19 cases

Hospitalization rates for COVID-19 in the Central New York Region have been hovering around 100 for about a week.

Everything in the area is increasing according to Cayuga County Health Director Kathleen Cuddy.

She referenced increases in positive cases, hospitalizations, and in Cayuga County the number of deaths with COVID related factors.

At the moment there are 11 total hospitalizations in Auburn. Six are vaccinated. Four patients are in their 90s, three in their 70s, one in their 50s and three in their 30s. In winter almost all patients were 60 and older.

50.2% of the population in Cayuga County are fully vaccinated, and Cuddy says that just isn’t enough to stop hospitals from being overloaded as the positive cases increase.

Last winter there was not a widely available vaccine and another wave of COVID hit after families gathered for the holidays. The social restrictions helped manage the spread in that scenario.

This time, there’s a vaccine available that’s been proven effective, and no social restrictions, so as people continue to not get vaccinated, the spread will continue.