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Children are catching the Delta variant during this surge of COVID, and some are ending up in hospitals

As the highly contagious Delta variant makes its way through communities, some parents are finding their children in hospitals instead of school.

One child in Dallas was set to enter his 4th grade year and the day before was admitted to the hospital with low oxygen levels and struggling to breathe.

The child, Francisco Rosales, is only 9 years old, too young for the vaccine.

Parents, schools, and officials find themselves clashing over what it is they should be doing to help stop the spread, and Texas and Florida governors have banned schools from enforcing masks.

Experts like Dr. Buddy Creech, a Vanderbilt University infectious disease specialist, feel the stakes are incredibly high as millions of kids return to classrooms.

To date, 400 children have died from COVID and today 2,000 are in the hospitals, many in the ICU.