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Afghanistan refugee, Asghar Maleki, watches helplessly as the Taliban takes over his home country

Asghar Maleki is an Afghanistan refugee and has witnessed the fall of his country from his Liverpool apartment as the Taliban swept through Afghanistan once U.S. Troops were pulled out.

Maleki witnessed several awful things, including his brother lose both legs to a landmine in front of their house, before his family fled the violence of the Taliban twenty years ago when he was around 12 years old.

The family went to Pakistan, then Iran, and finally Turkey before they legally were able to come to Syracuse as refugees.

Maleki worked hard to get his brother new legs and owned an Afghan restaurant called Bamyan Kabab before closing to take care of his brother.

Maleki has stayed in contact with family he still has in Afghanistan, who remain inside, waiting and scared. He feels helpless because there’s nothing he can do to bring them here.

Maleki said that United States was able to do some good when troops were in the country, and he understands they needed to leave at some point.

All he asks is that the U.S. doesn’t forget about them or leave them behind.

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