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SAFETY MOMENT: Safe road tripping

Editor’s Note: Safety Moment is a monthly feature written by Kyle Black of Seneca Meadows.

Summer road trips whether two hour or two days, fill our heads with the anticipation at the beginning and the memories at the end. If there is a speed bump along the way, we hope everyone is prepared. It is always important to travel on a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated and take breaks if fatigued. Sometimes supplies, especially the hard to find in a pinch type of supplies which we hope we never need, are the ones we need the most to help ensure our safety if we do stumble upon a speed bump or a road block along the way. Our top SMI road tripping safety supplies this summer continue to include COVID safety tools as well.

Top SMI road tripping safety supplies:

– Extra drinking water

– Replenish/updated first aid kit.

– Inspect fire extinguisher.

– Include road marker alerts.

– Include safety wheel chocks.

– Pack extra masks and sanitizer.

– Pack disposable gloves.

We hope everyone gets home safe from wherever and whenever they are traveling the roads.

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Safety Moment
August 2021
By Kyle Black

Categories: LifeSeneca County