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Racing pigeon makes it from Canada to Sodus Point before stopping

Super Nova, a Canadian racing pigeon, has found its way to Sodus Point and seems to be staying there for a bit.

Cathy Contant, currently staying in her summer home in the area, first noticed the bird on July 16.

The bird flew 315 miles from its home in Grand-Mere, Quebec and has been resting, eating cracked corn and sitting on a neighbors roof.

Contant noticed the bands on the pigeon’s legs and after a bit of research, found the it’s registered to the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union, based in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

The Union tracks birds and their speeds, seeing which pigeon makes it home first.

Contant found out that the person who registered Super Nova also released 10 other pigeons.

There is no way to return a racing pigeon to its home, and they sometimes stop to rest before returning home or become lost; there’s no way to tell what they’re doing.

Some organizations are against pigeon racing, stating it’s an animal cruelty issue.

Palomacy, an animal rights group, said many pigeons die during the race, never to return to their home.

As for Super Nova, he may be resting, or making Sodus Point his new home.