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Investigators close case involving shooting of family pet in Lyons this past June

According to state police, they are closing the investigation surrounding the shooting of a Dachshund that happened outside a Cherry Street home in Lyons on June 8.

Though they felt they had promising leads in the beginning, Investigator Gia Paddock said the child she interviewed denied any involvement.

The dog, Dodge, was 4 years old and after being shot with a BB gun died from a wound to his heart.

After interviewing 50 people in total, Investigator Paddock believed it was a neighborhood child who shot the dog but was unsure if it was intentional or not.

While Melissa Kerston, owner of the dog, was cooking dinner she said her nephew came in after finding the dog unresponsive in the yard.

After taking Dodge to the vet, the dog was pronounced dead upon arrival and the vet removed what appeared to be a BB from its heart.

Anyone with new information can contact Paddock at the New York State Police barracks in Lyons at (315) 946-3044.