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Covid conscious ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

Sharing Mother’s Day with your Mom can be a fun bonding experience, but you likely won’t be able to see her in person during the pandemic. Unless you live with your Mom, you won’t be able to cook her breakfast or spend the day relaxing on the couch. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate her special day from the comfort of your home with these thoughtful activities.

Send Her a Gift and/or Flowers

You can still send your Mom a gift for Mother’s Day, as long as the retailer you’re purchasing from offers delivery. For example, if you wanted to have roses in your bouquet that offers same-day flower delivery, consider purchasing from Bouqs. You could also buy other gifts, like chocolates, teddy bears, cookbooks, or balloons, and send them to your Mom before Mother’s Day. Most online stores will have a Mother’s Day gift guide that will help you find the perfect present.

Share a Meal While Apart

Eating at a restaurant is still too risky, so you’ll have to get creative. You can still share a special meal together as long as you both purchase ingredients ahead of time and speak to each other on a video conferencing platform, like FaceTime or Zoom. On the other hand, your Mom may not want to cook on her big day, so opt for buying a takeout meal of her choice. Both of you can eat together virtually on the telephone or through a video call if you aren’t in the same household.

Say Hello From Your Cars

Do you live close to your Mom’s house? Take a drive down to her neighborhood and wave at her from the safety of your car. A fun thing to do is to make a larger Mother’s Day card or sign that tells your Mom how much you love her. You can still stand on the sidewalk or outside their window if you want to display your card or sign in person. Bring a lawn chair if you’re going to speak to your Mom on the phone while you’re in the backyard or front step.

Attended a Virtual Show or Concert

Concerts are more fun in person, but there are still plenty of options if you can’t attend one. Big stars are holding concerts virtually from their homes or studios, and Broadway musicals are still performing at the theatre online. Lamb of God, BTS, Linkin Park, Billie Eilish, and Dua Lipa are some of the many artists that performed online during the pandemic. If your Mom prefers more low-key music, there are ongoing jazz, classical, and reggae concerts happening daily.

Watch a Movie or Television Show Together  

Netflix created Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) as a way to watch TV with your friends and family online. The service synchronizes video playback and adds group chat for plenty of platforms, including Hulu, Disney, HBO, and of course, Netflix. You can start a Teleparty by downloading the browser extension and creating a party by clicking on the desktop icon by the address bar. It’s the perfect way to watch movies with Mom while social distancing.

Take an Online Class Together

You’re staying home anyway, so why not learn something new with all that free time? On Mother’s Day, your Mom may want to attend an online class that teaches her how to paint, do taxes, or edit photos. Many businesses have had to put a bulk of their courses online because they can’t teach in a traditional classroom setting. If you don’t want to pay for a class because you’re unsure you’ll like the curriculum, find a Youtube video on the subject of your choice.

Tour a Museum at Home

If your Mom is an art lover, she may enjoy taking a virtual tour of a museum. This year, a bunch of museums have started to offer free digital shows every single day. For example, the British Museum in London, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul have opened their doors thanks to Google Maps. The best thing about these tours? You don’t have to wait for a tour guide to walk you around!

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