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SAFETY MOMENT: Wear your Personal Protective Equipment around the house

Editor’s Note: Safety Moment is a monthly feature written by Kyle Black of Seneca Meadows.

At Seneca Meadows, wearing PPE is part of our everyday ritualistic behaviors as we head out the door for our daily work.  What is PPE?  PPE is personal protective equipment.  For us our basic PPE is hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility vest / clothing, work gloves and steel toed work boots.  There are times when other enhanced personal protective equipment is necessary such as ear protection or specialized shields.  At home PPE is just as important for everyday tasks especially with spring cleaning on our minds and honey do lists.

PPE and associated tasks at home:

– Safety glasses – moving brush and debris
– Ear protection – mowing and using other loud tools
– Hard hat / bump cap – activities where there are overhead obstacles or potential hazards
– Steel toed boots – using a chain saw.
– Chain saw chaps and gloves – yes, using a chain saw.

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