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Local resident victimized by immigration phone scam, Geneva police warn about ‘call spoofing’

Police are warning the public about a new scam that has surfaced in recent days, resulting in a local victim.

The Geneva Police Department reports that a local resident said they received a call that was legitimately associated with GPD, stating that a warrant had been issued by a federal agency due to immigration violations.

The victim was told to call federal authorities to clear it up. When the victim called the number that was given- they noted that it appeared legitimate and eventually- the individual was scammed out of a sum of money.

The Geneva Police Department says they have been in touch with federal authorities who are aware of it- and will be assisting the Geneva PD’s investigation.

Current cell phone technology allows individuals to ‘spoof’ phone numbers and make it appear as though a call is coming from a legitimate source- when it is in fact not. Police say residents should be aware of this and know that official agencies will not call and request or demand money over the phone for payment on any outstanding criminal or civil matters.

Anyone who receives a similar message is asked to call GPD or 911.